20 February 2012

Life Lately

{+} Razz was neutered recently- he was high for a couple days but now he is his same sweet self.
       I was really worried he was going to get fat and depressed but  it didn't happen, thank goodness!
{+} We had a Super Bowl party at the Crowley's with friends and family. It was a great night!
        I am still dreaming about the orange white chocolate chip cookies JD brought.
{+} Debbie & I decorated valentines sugar cookies with Angie, Jake, & Mason.
{+} I have been crafting a lot lately & I love it- mostly valentines crafts 
       but the heart maps of everywhere we've traveled together has been my favorite. 
{+} Tyler has been growing out his beard since November & has reached record length.
{+} I have been working part time/on call at Mountainland Headstart and I am really enjoying it.
{+} Tyler went on a golf trip to St. George for Jeff's bachelor party.
{+} We enjoyed the Jackson's wedding and we couldn't be more exited and happy for them! 
{+} We are loving our ward and have made some really great new friends! 
{+} I am kind of beginning to start training for a half marathon- just can't quite commit. We will see..

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