10 September 2011

Alabama Road Trip: Roll Tide Roll

Roll Tide Roll!
Half Time!

The tailgate party was crazy! 
It's like nothing you've ever seen.
People just camp out alll day with their flat screen tv's.

Frat Row
Frat boys live good
To top the day off we ate at one of Tyler's fav's
Dreamland BBQ!


What a wonderful way to spend our Labor Day Weekend.
We had such a fun trip! 
We ate way too much food. It was just too good we couldn't stop!
We loved going to the Alabama game & loved the crimson tide spirit.
It was so lovely to visit Tyler's mission.
It was the first time he has been back since he served,
which was about 7 years ago. 
Crazy how time flies.
Alabama has stolen our hearts and we can't wait to go back!


  1. your pics are amazing! what a fun trip! so jeal. and you look absolutely adorable. miss you!

  2. whit! this trip looks so fun, esp. that football game. now come back to utah already, i miss you!