10 September 2011

Alabama Road Trip: Day 1

On our way to Alabama we stopped to 
have lunch with one of Dillan's very best friends 
who is serving a mission in Mississippi.
It was so much fun to see these two boys together again.
Dillan was so excited to see Elder {Mike} Sharp.
That's all he would talk about the week leading up to our trip.
It was a very great lunch date
& definitely got our trip started off right. 


Once we made it to Alabama 
Tyler showed us the hot spots of Tuscaloosa.
We drove around University of Alabama's Campus,
played at the park Tyler always went to on his mission,
and went to a couple of his old apartments. 
 We checked out the devastation from 
the tornado that happened back in April. 
We couldn't believe all the damage.
It is so crazy how powerful
 and violent storms can be.

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