14 March 2011


Today i learned that i was not accepted to
BYU's Master's of Social Work program.

i was hurt and disappointed.
i felt i let down myself and my professors rooting for me.
but then i felt relieved.
The program is very rigorous
and apart of me is very glad i don't
have to endure it this coming fall.
However, i know if i had been accepted i could have handled it.
i am very grateful for the education that i have been able to receive
and also for the opportunity to even apply for graduate school.
it was a great learning experience for me.
Perhaps i am not quite ready to take on graduate school,
but what i am ready for is to keep pursuing my dreams and goals.
Never give up.


  1. Whit I'm sorry. I'm so proud of you for applying, and you have the best attitude about it. You're right- the only thing this means is it wasn't meant to be right now..there's something better for you :) But just so you know, BYU's seriously missing out.

  2. Love you Whitters! Something better is right around the corner! You are so amazing:) It is never fun to hear you are "not accepted" but as you already said "Never give up" or if you are in a Biebs mood "NEVER SAY NEVER!!!" I love you girl! Have fun in Hawaii!! :)

  3. Dang, Whit. I am a firm believer that -- as cliche as it sounds -- everything happens for a reason. Hang in there!