29 March 2011

Coconuts & Pineapples

USS Arizonia Memorial
The oil that is still leaking from the ship.
Our flight got in at 5am and since we were in the area
we decided to stop by Pearl Harbor. It was so cool being there so early
in the morning with a smaller crowd. It was so peaceful.
We are so grateful for the men and women who serve our country.
we saw a lot of these guys
This is Ula, Tyler's little friend.
He would talk to him every morning.
a peacock at Waimea Valley

Dole Plantation
Sweetest try ever
craziest tree ever
yummy pineapple icecream
The ultimate avacado burger.
it came with an entire avocado on top
& it was the biggest one I've ever seen.
pretty, pretty sunset
Loved this beach
Loved watching the huge waves crash here
This little bird was so sweet &
came right up to us just chirping away.

Best shaved ice ever!!
The view from our room.

We did lots of beach hopping
Loved whale watching
went snorkeling
lots of relaxing
we ate delicious food the whole time
we are obsessed with coconut syrup
& banana pancakes
we got lots of sun and
now we are shedding our skin like snakes
enjoyed hanging with Matt
loved the Dole Plantation & pineapple fields
The pineapple was so delicious
loved watching surfers ride the gigantic waves
and enjoyed soaking in the earth's beauty!

We had such a good time together and we can't wait to go back!!
Hawaii is so beautiful and you just can't go wrong there!


  1. wow whit it doesn't get much better than that! so jealous, your bathing suits are adorable.

  2. i agree with brittany you look SO cute in all your suits. and i want that avocado burger right now! what a dream trip

  3. JEALOUS !!! You are just beautiful Whitster !! I miss you !!

  4. Whitney, you look so beautiful in EVERY picture!!! You are gorgeous inside and out! :) love you!