12 May 2015

Yard Work

The girls and I made our way over to Cook's nursery to buy some plants and flowers for our yard. I was completely overwhelmed going in there with no idea wha I was doing, a wild toddler, and a baby. Luckily, we were saved by Dan, the Garden Man. After wandering around for probably 30 minutes and bribing Jade to be good, Dan came up to us and asked if we needed help. He was a garden angel, so nice to Jade and encouraging to me. He picked out just about everything for me loaded it on my two wagons and took them to the front while I pushed the stroller. I would have never made it outta there if it weren't for him. 

I did all the planting while the girls were napping. When Jade woke and saw the flowers she started gasping and saying how pretty they were. Then she kept saying, "thank you, mom, for my flowers." I'll plant flowers everyday for that reaction. She was seriously in awe of their beauty (and they weren't even that spectacular). I hope she will always find beauty in the simple things. 

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