30 August 2014

Aquarium : Take Two

The second time around at the aquarium was so much more crazy. It was so busy and hard to see some of the exhibits. However, there were a couple of exhibits that were open this time that we didn't get to see the first time we went. So that was fun. Jade loves looking at the fishes. She especially loved the giant whales and would cry every time we had to pry her away from them. Tyler and I love the penguins. They are so much fun to watch and such cool little creatures.  


  1. I love that first pic of Jade. The aquarium sounds perfect, add it to the list of places I'm going to meet you after my retirement :)

    Also, you straight up sounded like Tyler with that last sentence! haha

  2. Wait- was this really published in August? haha it just came up on my feed!

    1. haha no, Mare. I am still trying to play catch up from being sick but I want the time stamps to reflect the actual time we did the things I am blogging about for printing purposes. & I can't wait for your retirement!