21 May 2014

18 Months

18   M O N  T  H  S
Jade loves to go on walks. 
She stands by the door and says "walk" all day.
She likes to hold Razz's leash.
She is miss independent.
She loves all stuffed animals and her babies.
She still loves to read.
& loves to dance.
Lately, she tries to sing along to songs in baby gibberish.
She loves swimming.
She is a pretty good eater. 
I'd say she eats quite a variety of food with the exception of veggies. 
we are working on those.  
She wears a size three diaper and 12- 18 month clothing. mostly 12. 
Her vocabulary is moving right along.  She says around 15 words. 
She has lots of teeth. Last time I counted there were 13, I think she is getting 2 more.
She loves to swim, climb stairs, and to be outside. 
She loves the park. Swings and slides are her favorite. 
She loves animals and riding ponies. 
She is our happy, spunky, personality girl. 
& we love her so. 

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