23 December 2013

December round-up

1. Had Christmas Bunco with my girls at sweet Jenny's house. 
2. We headed to SLC for Prodigy's company Christmas party. Complete with a yummy dinner, a nights stay at Hotel Monaco, and a delicious breakfast.
3. We rushed home for our Wards Christmas party- Hailey and I were in charge of decorating. 
4. We played Marbles, trimmed the tree, and listened to Christmas music at the Smith home. 
5. Went to the relief society Christmas dinner- also in charge of decorating. 
6. Had fun at our neighborhood Christmas social. 
7. Spent the day at our Crowley cousins making pepper jelly and decorating gingerbread men.  We improved this year and only had one boil over compared to last year's three. 
8. Shopping, shopping, shopping. 
9. I worked a couple times for Mountainland Headstart this month. 
10. Played and party prepped with Jenny and Crue. 
11. Decorated sugar cookies with Max and Amanda. 
12. Had a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with our Fredrickson Family.
13. Decorated gingerbread houses with the Wolfe's and Mangum's- Tyler did all the decorating and I was so impressed.
14. Have loved collecting Christmas cards from the mailbox. 
15. & have loved all the beautiful snow this year! 


  1. what?! prodigy treats you guys right! that party sounds right up my alley! your december was way fun, this is a cute way to recap.