17 May 2013

Paradise + Chicco

We took a quick and final road trip just before our summer in North Carolina began. 
We had so much fun visiting where Leon and Debbie grew up. I had never been to that part of California before and it was beautiful.  The whole time I kept asking Tyler if we could move there. He entertained the thought, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen for us. That's okay, as long as we can go back and visit often. The trees were ginormous and gorgeous. They smelled delicious. Somehow, life just seemed less busy and hectic there, more peaceful and serene- truly a paradise. 
We loved spending time with Grandma Inez. It was such a treat for me to get to know her better. She is an inspiring lady. Jade sure had fun with her and I think Grandma had fun with Jade too. The trip was so much fun and far too short. We are counting down the days until we can make it back. 

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