09 April 2013

Our Trip to Wichita

{February 21-25}
My mom, Tyler, Jade, and I went to Kansas to visit Grandpa and Grandma Pierce and Grandma Betty.
We had so much fun spending time with them all. We even got to see family on my dad's side, Aunt Rhea and our Cousins, Chirs, Amy, and Cydney. Everyone just loved and adored Jade. It was so much fun seeing her interact with the grandparents. Especially her great, great, grandma Betty. Grandma Betty was so cute with her. She was good at getting Jade to laugh and smile at her. 
My grandparents are the absolute sweetest and they spoiled us all weekend with new clothes for Jade, yummy food, relaxation, and fun games. We had so much fun and wish we could have stayed longer. 

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