26 January 2013

Christmas 2012

We spent Jade's first Christmas in St. George with our Glendenning family. Christmas was extra magical with a baby around. On Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt & Uncle's house for a delicious dinner and Christmas games. Christmas Eve is always my favorite part of Christmas. I love the hype, traditions, and anticipation.
On Christmas morning Tyler, Jade, and I read the story of Christ's birth in the scriptures in bed before opening presents. It's definitely a tradition we want to keep from now on. We were all so spoiled this year, especially Jade. She for sure had the most presents from Santa under the tree this year. After presents and Christmas breakfast we headed down to Las Vegas for a shopping trip & to stay at The Trump {a present my parents had given us all for Christmas}. The Trump was great as always & it was a lot of fun, a little tiring for me {Jade still keeping me up at night} but still fun! It was a very successful shopping trip. Everyone found a few things they liked. I get the biggest kick out of how much my brothers love shopping, Tyler too {don't let Tyler fool you he's a shopper at heart}.
The rest of our time in St. George was pretty great too. I spent a lot of time catching up with friends. Tyler and I took advantage of the warmer weather & got good exercise on the many running/biking trails. Every day of this winter in Orem I have wished we lived in st. George just so we could run outside on those trails. We sure do love visiting St. George. Christmas went by way too fast this year, as it always does. We are so thankful for all of our family for making it so special & so happy we got to celebrate with Jade this year.

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