21 August 2011

As Of Late

{Jake & Razz hanging at the hotel in New Orleans}

Both of our computers crashed within two day of each other a couple weeks ago.
We lost everything and no, neither of our computers were backed up.
I have been saying for months I need to go get an external hard rive.
Shame on me for not getting around to it.
But, we are hopeful upon our return home we will be able to get our files recovered.
Since then, 
 we celebrated Tyler's birthday with a nice dinner at home and some cheesecake.
He was spoiled all week long with gifts and love from friends and family.

Ron, Angie, and Jake came to town. 
We went on the gator tour.  It was a scorcher but worth seeing our guide give 
the huge gator a kiss right on the mouth. 
Then, of course, we had to take them to see the fine city of New Orleans.
We went to Cafe Du Monde & roamed the french quarters {I love the french quarters}. 
Bourben street was wild. There were so many entertaining street performers.
We even fell for some young kids tap dancing, they basically stole our money. 
New Orleans on a saturday night is a completely different world.
We are so glad we got to experience it with the Crowley Clan.

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