06 July 2011

Let Freedom Ring

3 July 2011
 Grill Master

 Andres & Kyle
Candice & Josh
Dillan was our pre-firework show entertainment!
He was showing us all sorts of tricks and making us laugh!


Our fireworks were so good the neighborhood kids came to watch!
Oh, and don't worry we just love extra virgin olive oil.

4 July 2011
 Razz was so excited he got to go with us to the firework show.
He loves going places.
The Capitol Building

Razz was so scared of the fireworks outside of our house.
He jumped out of my arms and bolted for the front door!
 This little stick was my favorite.
It looked like we had wands from Harry Potter and were dueling Voldemort.

This is what the little rocket Dillan lit off did in the sky.
We weren't expecting that.
I am like a child and love Sparklers!

What a fun {4th} of July celebration! 
We are so grateful for this beautiful country and the freedom
that we have. We appreciate all the men and women who fight 
to keep us safe everyday!

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  1. hahaha razz in that picture where you're holding him- so funny. wish you came and found us to watch the fireworks. i love this post and the 4th!