22 October 2010

Candy Corn Wreath

Fall Break was so Wonderful, but went by far too fast. I must admit I neglected my homework the entire weekend and now I have been paying for it all week.
It was worth it because Tyler and I decorated the house and went shopping.
I got to make crafts, bake, and relax.

I made this Candy Corn Wreath to hang on our door.
It is so cute and so easy to make.
I learned how to make it from the Women's Day magazine.

{Here is How}
You will need:
1 white circular styrofoam wreath
(the kind with a flat surface)
1 role of BLACK ducktape
1-2 bags of candy corns
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:
wrap the the wreath with the black tape
step 2:
lay out your first row of candy corn
and then glue on
step 3:
layout your second row of candy corn going
in the OPPOSITE direction and then glue on.

Repeat the process untill you have
covered your wreath with cany corns

* I covered only the front surface and
half of the inner surface.
*I glued a piece of ribbon on the
outside edge to cover the black sides.
*You could leave the sides black
or cover with candy corn


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I clicked on your blog from Marianne's and am just so obsessed with Candy Corn that I had to comment. So cute!

  2. is there anything you cant do? i love this!

  3. So freakin cute !! I would not have the patience for that !! :)